Collegiate Basic Needs

PCHE Housing Insecurity Study

The study on college housing insecurity conducted by the Department of Community Engagement at Point Park University and the Pittsburgh Council on Higher Education (PCHE) titled Examining Housing Insecurity Among Pittsburgh-Area College Students engaged college administrators in focus groups and interviews about their perception of housing insecurity and basic needs on their campuses and collected survey responses from more than 1,800 students across nine PCHE member college campuses throughout the greater Pittsburgh region.

“PCHE – Pittsburgh Council on Higher Education and its member institutions continue to look for ways to support the success of our students. This means that partnering with outside agencies, committing resources and outreach efforts and establishing best practices in tackling food and housing insecurity are a priority,” said Karina Chavez, executive director of PCHE – Pittsburgh Council on Higher Education.  “The partnerships that exist with the Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank and the support from the Eden Hall Foundation has allowed us to be proactive in identifying and assessing those students in need through our latest study. This has led to establishing food pantries on campuses and implementing other support resources that could address challenges facing students including housing, transportation, counseling or employment.”

For a full copy of this study please click on examining housing insecurity among pittsburgh area college students.