BH Fellows Program – Collaboration with ACDHS

Addressing the region’s workforce needs – both from the perspective of the employers and businesses and from the perspective of the workers – is a key role of PCHE institutions. There are several initiatives that are geared to intentionally tackle sector and regional challenges when it comes to talent attraction and retention. Post-pandemic, and across all sectors, this need has become critical to all as a regional economy. We’ve embraced a key initiative that approach these challenges both broadly and targeted by sector.

Behavioral Health Fellows Program

The BH Fellows program is a collaborative effort between Allegheny County DHS, Community Care Behavioral Health, Jewish Healthcare Foundation, Pittsburgh Council on Higher Education, and Community Family Advocates, Inc. Its goal is to strengthen the County’s public behavioral health system by providing educational loan repayments, competitive salaries, and career development experiences to behavioral healthcare staff.

With over $15MM in funding, this program is designed to attract and retain individuals dedicated to improving the lives of the County’s most vulnerable.  After being accepted into the program, BH Fellows will be eligible to receive:

Competitive pay
Educational Loan repayment (up to $25,000 for a bachelor’s degree and up to $45,000 for a master’s degree) OR free access to an approved professional certificate program
Paid training, leadership development and networking experiences throughout a two-year service term

In return, Fellows agree to complete two years of employment in a specific behavioral health role with a program-eligible provider. (Note: educational loan repayment will be paid once the Fellow has completed the two-year service commitment).

BH Fellows will be hired into positions in the following key levels of care:

  • Blended Service Coordination
  • Family-Based Mental Health
  • Crisis Services
  • Child Diversion and Acute Stabilization
  • Case Management for Substance Use Disorder
  • Integrated Dual Disorder Treatment

Staff currently employed by a behavioral health services provider and individuals who are new to the behavioral health field are encouraged to apply. Please visit the BH Fellow landing page for more information.