Diversity & Inclusion

Regional Diversity & Inclusion leaders have formed a professional association, GPHEDC (Greater Pittsburgh Higher Education Diversity Consortium), bringing thought, policy and practitioner leaders together to tackle the myriad of issues impacting higher education and the broader community. The founders of GPHEDC envisioned an organized forum that brought higher education leaders together who worked throughout campuses and departments, to share best practices, training, professional development, policy and support.

Mission Statement

The Greater Pittsburgh Higher Education Consortium (GPHEDC) is dedicated to facilitating transformative change by promoting diversity, equity and inclusion in the region.


  • To connect, collaborate and share resources with change agents from various institutions for professional and personal development.
  • To serve as a community network that shares resources and builds collaborations for social change.
  • To engage and serve as a resource for those stakeholders seeking expertise in diversity and inclusion best practices.
  • To actively support the success and development of higher education diversity officers.

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